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  • Customized Vertical Bubble Wall
  • Customized Vertical Bubble Wall

Customized Vertical Bubble Wall

Price: $ 100000- 700
1、Acrylic base:5mm black acrylic,5mm clear acrylic,or Stainless steel border
2、LED:RGB light,remote control, 7color
3、Bubble:Conventional bubble
4、Air pump:Air flow rate:25L/min,Pressure:≥0.25Kpa

N.W.(kg): Based On Customized Size
G.W.(kg): Based On Customized Size
CBM(m³):Based On Customized Size

Sample Lead time:25-35days
Mass Lead time:40-60days
Packing (pc/ctn):1 set/ctn, MDF+foamboard

Product Details
  • Product Details

.What the options can i choose for customized products?

1.  Size

2. Light Change

3. Bubble Change

4. Embedded in the amplifier, can be connected by cable or Bluetooth to play music

5. Link microphone

6. Sound control light color change

7. Custom LOGO

.How can i order customized  bubble wall ?

1.Submit your length, width and height requiremen.

2. Submit a video of your lighting and bubble requirements, no less than 30 seconds.

3. If you need a custom LOGO, you need to send the LOGO source file to our corporate mailbox.

4. Please describe each of your requirements carefully.

5. Our team will confirm with you via email.

6. Production orders will be put into production after payment.

  • How to get a beautiful bubble wall and production time

1. Material: 2-3 Days

2. Design: 1-2 Days

3. Cutting material:1-2 Days

4. Adhesive acrylic: 5-7 Days

5. Parts assembly: 2-3 Days

6. Test the quality: 25-30Days

7. Packing:1-2 Days

8. Logistics: Based on the destination


1. Over 10 years of acrylic process.

2. 12 years export experience with global suppliers.

3. We have been cooperating with the top 500 Coca Cola and ensure the quality.

4. We have a strong production team to ensure delivery.

5. We only offer the most cost-effective products.

6. Professional team 24 hours online service.

  • Unique Product Advantages:

1. Acrylic Panel (High transmittance,zero impurities) : More than 10 years of production experience make                     our acrylic products surface within the zero impurities. which makes the acrylic adhesion surface close to

100%  transparent. Our materials acrylic panels are made of professionally-exported and are more durable

and stable  in color.

2. Air Pump (Low noise): We have made special treatment for the whole product's sound source - air pump,

which makes it noise reduction. Meanwhile, the product has also been certified by UL safety test, so that you

can use the rest of your mind with ease.

3. Humanized drainage design (Drain fast): Topstar has found that most of the bubble wall products on the

market are difficult and time-consuming to discharge. In order to save more time in the drainage time, we

have specially added special drainage design.

4. Regulating valve (Convenient):Used to control the size and intensity of bubble.

  • Q&A

Q1. How long need to change the water?

A: We suggest to change the water every three months.

Q2. How to clean the inside dirt?

A: Just drain the water and refill the water, it can clean out all the normal dirt.

Q3. How to drain the water?

A: There will be a special drain pipe by the base of the bubble wall to drain the water.

Q4. Besides the whole unit, do you have the spare parts can delivery with the order in case the

replacement once damaged.

A: No, actually our product is very stable, and the main running components are LED lighting strip and the                                       air pump, we provide 1 year warranty, since those can have at least 3 years lifespan.

Q5. How many liters of water need to be placed in your normal size as 1.83m*0.81m Bubble Wall?

A: About 20 - 27 Liter.

Q6. How long the color of your acrylic panel can last without fading?

A: Three years at least without directly expose to the sunshine.

Q7. How many weight that the shelf of the wine counter bubble wall can hold?

A: 8 KGS

Q8. How this bubble wall works?

A: Made by acrylic material, create the bubbles to dance to the water's surface by the air pumping to displays

a magical visual flow effect, and it requires very little maintenance and it can keep running for years.

Q9. What is the warranty for this item?

A: Three years

Q10. How to install it?

A: Firstly, open the package, put the water into the bubble wall and plug into the power supply.

Q11. Do you have any certifications?

A: CE, UL CSA for those electronic parts, like LED lighting strip, air pump and the plug.

Q 12. If those accessories are replaceable if broken? How to change it? Like the pump?

A: Yes, it is replaceable and you can A: change it by following our manual.

Q13. How is the life span of your air pump?

A: Three years.

Q 14. How to deal with the issue of noise?

A.Base on the normal setting is about 30 dB, and you can also increase the bubble A: effect which                                       will also produce more noise, so we suggest you can go with our normal setting if you concern

about the noise issue.

Q15. Can the bubble wall tank shatter like glass if damaged?

A: No, because we use high impact shatter resistant acrylic panels to avoid such potential risk.

Q16. Can I change the color of the lighting installed on my bubble wall?

A: Yes, press a button on the included wireless remote control to change 16 different colors.

Q17. Are the bubble walls heavy?

A: Just a little heavy, a full four foot bubble wall only weighs like about 25lbs full of water.

Q18. After I place my order, how long will my bubble wall take to ship?

A: Generally, we ship our sampling order of bubble walls within 15 days, the lead time for the mass order,                    depends on your styles, size and quantity. Normally 25 days for the mass order, and our monthly prod-

uction output is 500 units by single production line.

Q19. How are we install your water bubble wall?

A: Please visit our website to see the video to show you how the installation of our product is.

Q20. What kinda of the water suitable for your water bubble wall?

A: The distilled water or the pure water is recommended.

Q21. Where is your factory?

A: Our factory locates in Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China

Q22. How can you insure the quality?

A: There is QC for all the materials & accessories coming, also after the production, we will test                                                  the running of the whole unit for days before the shipment.

Q23. Can you do the customized size? Or just your regular one?

A: All the various sizes are available from us, and we have your design team to create the drawing                                                   for your approval before the production.

Q24. Can we have a free sample?

A: Sorry that we will have to charge the basic cost for the sample, also it can refundable for the                                                   confirmation of the mass order.


If you have any requirement, please leave your request and contact information. Our professional acrylic furniture consultant will contact you as soon as possible.

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